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Handwritten Notes are a Way to Show You Care

There’s one thing that seemed to go out of style, but may be back - 
and that’s handwritten notes. Handwritten letters and notes 
have been around since mankind started writing. 
fountain pen on black lined paper 
According to History

Borrowing aspects of the Etruscan alphabet, the ancient Romans 
were among the first to develop a written script for transactions 
and correspondence. By the fifth century A.D. it included early 
versions of lowercase letters and sometimes flowed like 
modern cursive.
Somewhere along the way, technology surpassed writing, and that’s 
a shame. 
It’s less personal, it’s cold, and the tone is often lost in translation. 
Growing up, I only had the choice of writing notes. There wasn’t 
impersonal email or social media. Instead, whether we wanted 
to thank someone or just stay in touch, handwritten letters 
were the way to go. In fact, my mother still wrote letters until 
she passed, and my mother-in-law does to this day. We got a 
handwritten card the other day for taking her out to lunch - 
and she does it for every holiday and thank you. 
But, handwritten notes aren’t just for friends and family. What better 
way to show your customers you care than with handwritten notes 
for business? I work at a shop where customer are our bread 
and butter. Guess one of the ways we advertise? 
Handwritten notes. It’s not only personal, but it shows 
the client you care about them by taking the time to share a few 
words you wrote out instead of sending an 
impersonal email. Sure, we do calls too, but a note allows 
them to look back over it and save it. Just like people do when 
it’s someone they know personally. 
Look at it this way, it’s personalized customer service. Just like you 
might like getting a personal note from a friend or family member, 
your customers will love it too. You look professional, and it 
surely makes a statement that sets you apart from your competition. 
Here’s another thing to consider. Both businesses and individuals 
have to wade through tons of emails every day. Those get discarded 
pretty quick. But a handwritten note is something physical they 
can hold onto. It’s also something they can refer back to, 
and sets a reminder of your business. 
And which looks better, a typed out mailer or something that 
looks like you spent time considering how glad you are to have 
them as a client? I know I prefer something handwritten. It also 
gets their attention. How many times have you gotten a handwritten 
note and immediately wanted to see what it was all about? 
I know I do. And I guarantee you others prefer it. With most 
pedestrian-looking cards, they’re thrown out. Why risk 
that when you can make a statement?
Let’s face it, a handwritten card or thank you note is always 
appreciated more than an informal email. Whether it’s a parent, 
a pen pal, a best friend, or a customer - one way to show 
you care is with taking the time to share it in handwriting. 

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