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Sell Your Stuff Online

When it comes to needing cash, sometimes you are able to make money from home simply getting rid of the things you no longer need. It is easy to sell your stuff online with these companies and here is a brief overview of how each one works and what it is that they accept.


ValoreBooks accepts textbooks, iPads, and iPhones. They these items if you are the owner and they are in acceptable condition. You simply put the ISBN into their search engine for books and find a vendor that has a buying price you like. There are no fees to sell your items and the shipping is free as well. You are paid by check or PayPal once your item is accepted.

Book Scouter

Book Scouter is very similar to ValoreBooks with the exception of buying back iPads and iPhones. You enter the same ISBN into their search engine and have access to 43 vendors that are buying. You find the one with the highest payment, send your items in with the free shipping label, and get paid by PayPal or a check.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest book retailers in the country but they also buy back textbooks. You enter the ISBN you want to sell into their search engine. The difference with Barnes & Noble is that you must have at least $10 in sales to make a transaction. They also only accept books from the United States.

Cash 4 Books

Cash 4 Books is also similar to the other sites that buy textbooks. Simply get a quote by entering the ISBN, ship your books with the prepaid shipping label, and receive a check or money into your PayPal account. They also only take books from the United States and payment is approximately 13 days.


eCampus is also similar to the others with one difference, they pay by check, PayPal, or direct deposit. It is simple to enter your ISBN, get a quote, ship your books, and wait for your payment. eCampus takes a 15% commission but pays within five business days.


ThredUP is an online clothing seller where you are able to sell you clothing as well. How it works is that the clothing must be in excellent shape and in-style. You order a kit from them and pack up your items which are evaluated. If the items are under $60, you are paid when it is processed. If it is over $60, you are paid once it sells. ThredUP pays via store credit, PayPal, or you can donate the money.


Tradesy allows you to sell designer items from your closet. Like ThredUP, you order a kit to ship the items out but the difference is that you send the item after it sells. You list the items on their site, they enhance everything to make your listing stand out, and once it sells you ship it off. Tradesy takes a 9% commission on all sales.


Gazelle is an online site where you sell your phone or other electronics. How it works is that you get an offer by finding your particular gadget and answering a few questions. Ship it to Gazelle for free, and get paid by Amazon, check, gift cards, or PayPal. It takes 3-5 days to inspect your item and receive payment.


usell is another place where you are able to earn cash by selling your old phone. Like Gazelle, you enter your phone's information by type and then ship it out for free. Payment takes about five days after they receive the item and is issued via PayPal. uSell also takes other items like iPods, game consoles, and even gift cards. You are able to track your order and they have an extensive buying history with over $40 million in payments.


Swappa buys phones, tablets, VR headsets, and more. There are no fees to sell the item and the major difference with this company is that you are paid first, similar to selling on eBay. They only use PayPal for payments so that you are secure in all of the transactions and they review all items to protect the buyer as well.


NextWorth buys back electronics like phones and similar items. You get a quote, ship the item with a free label, and get paid by PayPal the same day or by check within 3-10 days. They offer free insurance on all items shipped, which most other places do not do.


Glyde has a list where you search for your item and they buy electronics like iPhones, tablets, etc. When it sells, you get a shipping kit to return the item, which is free and insured. You are paid within three days of delivery via the Glyde account. You may take money out via Bitcoin or by check, which has a $2 fee.


Amazon takes a variety of products on their site that can be resold such as books and movies. You list your item for sale and once it sells, you ship it out to the customer, similar to how eBay works. For an individual seller, the fees are 99 cents for each item sold and a flat percentage. This is taken out of your final price.


Letgo is an app you get for your Smartphone where you list an item for sale within 30 seconds. The categories include cars, electronics, cars, and more - similar to that other famous auction site, except mobile. The major difference is that you sell in your neighborhood area so it is limited to larger cities, for the most part. It is 100% free to use so you are dealing directly with the buyer.
Now you have a few choices in making extra cash without leaving your home or doing anything other than getting rid of a few unwanted items.

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