Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Zone

Anyone experienced in this diet? I got one book in the mail today and waiting on the other. I've read mostly awesome reviews so far and I'm excited to try it. It feels like having to actually learn something might make it work better if that makes sense. I want the energy part that I've read about. My odd hours has me sleepy sometimes and having insomnia the next. Let me know what you all think if you're familiar with it at all.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Twilight movie spoof

OMG this kills me!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A weird day

I went to school. No parking spaces again so had to park way up front. Walked all the way to the bay side in these new Converse shoes I have. They moved the class to back up front. By the time I got to the front I already had two big blisters on my heels.

I came home after a short class and took a nap since I got up really super early. After an hour, Blitz wakes me up nudging me all over and making this solid, high pitched keening noise. Donner was now freaking out and I had no clue what was wrong with him. The sound was similar to a table saw and no breaths in between. I've never heard anything like it. After a minute or so I calmed him down but he has no scratches or cuts and in all my life I've never heard a noise like that ever.

Any ideas anyone?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


School was different yesterday. My white collar crime class is a blast so far but there's over 60 students in the classroom, which is way different from the usual smaller classes. I got there on time after not being able to find a parking space and had to sit in the back of the room since it was so packed already. I have another class today in human behavior and I sure hope that one isn't as full.

Great American Seafood Cook Off

Yummy! The Great American Seafood Cook Off is back and I have picked my favorite recipe. It’s Chef Mark Holley’s submission and of Texas Gulf Shrimp over hominy cakes with heirloom tomato relish drizzled with prickly pear gastrique. It sounds pretty easy too. There’s a simple recipe for each ingredient that goes into the meal. I think the only thing I would change is perhaps the pear gastrique and the black beans and that’s only because I’d want it less sweet and I’m not a huge fan of beans. However, I think it looks absolutely delicious!

Chef Mark Holley hails from Texas and is the recipient of the Best New Restaurant Award and in 2003, Chef Holley received the Best Chef of the Year award. Not only that, he’s been recognized as having one of the restaurants in America’s Top Ten Seafood Houses.

You can go in to The Great American Seafood cook off site and pick a recipe that you like as well. You can vote and even be entered into a contest to win a trip to New Orleans prize package for two. There’s some awesome recipes on there and it was hard to pick just one but I’m a huge fan of shrimp and Chef Mark Holley made sure to create a dish that sounds exquisite and delicious. I love trying out new seafood dishes and what better way to start than with shrimp?

Why not visit The Great American Seafood Cook Off website and check out the recipes for yourself? You can enter the contest or just check out the delicious food. You can try out the recipes at home using domestic seafood, which is fresh and easily obtained. Domestic seafood has superior quality and you get a freshness you're not able to get with seafood from abroad. Try domestic seafood and see if you don't taste the difference.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Change of Plans

School starts tomorrow so I was looking online at my classes and thought, I better look at when our cruise is to see if there's any tests. Well lo and behold both of my final exams are exactly during our cruise so I had to call up Carnival and move our cruise out a week later. Now we're sailing to The Bahamas on Dec 14th instead of the 7th. The good thing is we got a cheaper rate on that date and I'll be totally done with school till January by the time we leave.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gas stations

It's not as if you're not getting raped at the pump, now you have to pay twice with the stupid pre-authorization holds. I know I'll get the money back but it's bullshit.

We go get gas tonight. We get $50 and put in on our Paypal debit card. They did a pre-authorization because when I got home I checked my PP account and it was zero. I have backup funding from my bank so $50 in gas was taken out of my bank and $85 was taken out of PP to be put on hold. Here's what I read on another site about this:

Many places that take credit cards do a pre-auth, to see if the card is good. For example. You go to a gas station to put $20 in your tank. You have $60 in your checking account. That station does a $90 "pre-auth" when you swipe your card. Which means that unlike a credit card, that $90 has now been removed from your account.

On a credit card, it doesn't affect your immediate balance, and on a $90 pre-auth with a $60 balance, your card will be declined. Not so with a debit card. The withdrawal is immediate. The pre-auth will eventually drop off after a week or so, but in the meantime, you've got overdraft fees. And if you don't happen to check your balance every day, you may not ever know about it until you do check it, or you get a notice from the bank.

From now on I'll go to the freaking ATM and draw the cash out before I let them screw up my accounts.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Foreign Horror

Those of you who watch foreign horror movies, what do you think about each area? These are just my own personal opinions. Here's my take on foreign horror:

Asian Horror: These are almost always excellent. They have a unique atmosphere and usually very creepy stories that just suck you in. Big on ghost stories. I mostly love the Japanese and Korean ones. I saw a horror from Thailand and didn't care for it at all. I think that one was The Maid.

Spanish Horror: I haven't seen a spanish horror movie yet that I haven't liked. I got started with Guillermo Del Toro and then went to Juan Antonio Bayona. I know, the two most popular ones but that's how I got started on Spanish horror. Excellent stuff and usually very creepy. Big on ghost stories and fantasy.

Australian Horror: I usually love these but not all of them are up to par. However, I have noticed that most Australian horror tells some kind of true story. That makes them somewhat depressing to me since it has happened in some form or another. The acting in Australian horror is either really good or really bad, depending on the movie.

English Horror: The English love zombie movies such as the 28 Days Later franchise. I think some of the movies are hit and miss but mostly hit. I love zombie movies if they're done right and 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later were the best zombie movies I've seen in a long time. The only thing I can think of that I enjoyed just as much when it comes to zombies is the Dawn of the Dead remake.

French Horror: The French have been doing well with their horror movies. I like them usually but they are very extreme and some I have had to pull. That's unusual for me since I love extreme but a few I just could not watch. My favorite is Haute Tension (High Tension) and even that one made me uncomfortable in its violence. The one I pulled was called Inside. I watched it all so I guess I didn't actually pull it but it wasn't a keeper. I sold it on Amazon because the ending was just way too much for me.

Sun, I has it

I actually got sun today on my arms and chest. I got up at 9:30 am this morning, no really I did! So anyway I had all this time to myself and got all my list done. My chores I like to call them. I went out about 12:30 and went in the pool and got sun. Yay! I figure it'll be raining soon with this little tropical storm brushing by in the next day or two so I have to get sun when I can. It was fun. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ruh roh!

Looks like we missed it and now it's back. LOL Of course by then it'll be a piddly little tropical storm. Just call me PWND!

Mad Men's hot scene

Mad Men has no nudity or curse words but last week they had one of the hottest scenes on television. Don't worry, I won't offend my sensitive viewers. This is 1962 so really, you won't be offended. But hot, definitely. I do so love Mad Men.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

TS Fay

I put a little arrow where we are at. Looks like we'll get some wind and rain if it doesn't change course or weaken. I don't mind a little one, we'll see how it goes though. It's too early to tell. On the bright side, I like my little arrow and text. LOL

My new business cards

Okay, so putting my vehicle on my card looks pretentious BUT I have my reasons. I had beach style cards in the past but those are not unique really. I figure someone will at least remember who I am with these cards and I rather like them. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Do not mix!

This is Donner.

This is egg drop soup.

Tonight we had leftover Chinese food. I love egg drop soup but I don't love the eggy parts, just the broth. I was done anyway and had about half a cup left. I figured I'd let Swan have it but she only drank some and then guarded the rest. I moved her so the twins could have it. So far, so good.

About 15 minutes later Swan is in my lap and the twins are playing with her. Donner proceeds to throw up egg drop soup on me, Swan and Blitz. I thought I would die. I had to go clean up and R had to clean up everyone else. I almost barfed with him. What fun we have at times!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Day After

I was flipping channels tonight and happened upon this movie right at the bomb scene. Okay, I own this movie. In fact, I own the unedited Brazilian version so suck on that. But I was incensed that they cut out the x-ray type scenes after the bomb dropped. WTF? How do you cut one of the most important parts of the movie? Is this 1983 movie too controversial to this day? I find it important to add that when first shown nearly 100 million Americans watched The Day After, a record audience for a made-for-TV movie. Now how cool is that? However, I find out tonight that R never watched it. In fact, he has only seen it when I forced him to sit through it. Shocked, I am! How do you NOT watch this when it came out? Anyway, I had to share because this movie is so much a part of our culture and to this day I still love watching it even if it is sad and depressing.

Getting back to normal

R went to the doctor today and he can go back to work tomorrow. I think if he'd asked, he could have stayed out longer but I'm sure he's getting cabin fever. Plus, his foot is doing much better now. My finger is too although it looks black now.

I am on book four of the Twilight Series now. I had plenty of time to read while at the clinic today. Three freaking hours with five minutes of talk time with the doctor. He was nice, I'm just saying...

We had the most awesome storm today. High winds, torrential rains. What was funny is that R used that to get me out of bed. He knows I love storms but when I first jumped up it was calm. I accused him of teasing and said you'd probably tell some kid Santa was outside on Christmas to get them up too! But in a few minutes Santa arrived so to speak. Our gazebo is almost torn down but it's easy to fix.

Getting back to normal is because being with R all week had us on a weird schedule and due to no fault of his, I got behind on my freelance work. Because of that, I had two WRG articles due tonight and one more I have to do tomorrow to catch up. I also had some DS stuff to write and a Swanky Pup post. I am almost caught up.

We did finish Mad Men though. Great show. Now our video on demand is not working so they have to come out and I can't get caught up on season two yet and I can't watch Sunday's Big Brother episode which screwed up because 60 Minutes runs late every damn year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I hurted my finger

So I'm staying up late, watching Mad Men and went to the restroom. I slammed the door on my finger. Luckily I'd had a couple of drinks which made it hurt somewhat less but still. I took a picture and believe it or not, it looks worse than the picture. Y'all know me though, I'm like Bella in Twilight. If there's an accident, I'm gonna have it. LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My newest post

My Superficial Gallery post is up. My newest one, anyway. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coolest Cirque Du Soleil - Homage to the Bunnies


OMG, why didn't I see this sooner? This is like the ultimate best movie. It's a mix of Escape From New York, Mad Max, LOTR (no kidding), and 28 Weeks Later. Non-stop action, blood, gore, beheadings, you name it. We loved it! I'm ready to see it again soon too. Awesome soundtrack as well! This is by Neil Marshall who did Descent and Dog Soldiers.
Click here for a trailer.

What a day

R hurt himself at work real bad. He stepped on a nail at work and it went through his SWAT boots and all the way to scrape the bone. He's on crutches and can't work till at least next Wed. I told him that's all the more time to read Twilight and watch RENT with me on Blu Ray. He flipped me off. LOL I feel bad for him though, I know how much we hate crutches. They suck. I tried to get him the wheelchair at Walmart but he'd have none of it. We did get free coffee at Starbucks. They're so nice there and know our drinks and all. Keep him in your thoughts, I know it hurts. :(

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My post at Swanky cracks me up

Okay, so I think my post is cute. :) Go see what you think.
Click HERE
It's called "No more mud, doggone it!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

People I am tired of...things I want more of

The Jonas Brothers - talk about annoying!

Miley Cyrus - She is so oversaturated. I'm sure she's a sweet girl and a normal 15 year old but can I go anywhere without seeing her at least 10 times a day?

Sienna Miller - Can I go a month without hearing how she's taking someone's husband or being nude somewhere? I guess not.

The Hills and anyone involved with the show - I tried watching The Hills a couple of years ago. It was boring to me and this comes from a reality show fanatic. I just could not get into it and good gosh if I don't see them every time I open up a magazine or get online. If I hear Lauren Conrad or Spencer Pratt or Heidi Montag one more time...and yes, it annoyes me I actually know their names! If it helps though, they do have cool names like Audrina and Spencer.

I'm not even tired of Britney Spears yet as much as these folks. I wonder why they annoy me and she does not. Neither does Amy Winehouse. I like the girl and wish she'd clean up.

People and things I want to see more of:

Billie Piper. I love her in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She seems sweet, approachable, beautiful but not insolent. I love her and wish the show were still on but I can wait till next season.

Weeds. I wish this show were more than half an hour long each week. I get so hooked on it.

Criminal Minds. I want my show back! I know I have to wait till fall but gimme my show and I'll shut up or at least don't make me wait till Oct to buy the third season on DVD.

Cocaine Energy Drinks - I don't care if it has a questionable name, I love how these taste. They're even tastier than Red Bull by a mile!

Swingtown - I love this show and hope they don't cancel it like I heard. Figures!

Holidays - I love them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School stuff

I got my school books today and even ran into a girl I had some other classes with the past few semesters. That was cool. Anyway, this semester I'm taking white collar crime and human behavior. The books for human behavior look really interesting and I know my teacher for white collar crime is cool since I've already had him. What I do feel stupid about is that I didn't check my FSU mail much this past semster. I kind of forgot it since I've never had .edu mail but I saw that I can forward it to my regular e-mail so I never miss another one. I also finally got to sell back my research methods book. I've had it for months now. LOL

Monday, August 4, 2008

I win!

Tonight I was watching I love Money and one of the competitions was that you had to cry. The first team with all of their members who successfully had a tear fall all the way down their face to a marked line won. Five out of the six had props such as onions and hot peppers but a sixth had to rely on their acting skills. Well, most of them had a hard time doing it even with props so I tried. Hey, I think I can act pretty good at times! Anyway, I did it and it was easy. So I win! For those of you saying...huh? Here's a synopsis of the show and yeah, I've seen all the prior shows these folks were on. LOL

VH1 presents the new television series "I Love Money" where 15 wildly popular cast members from the "of Love" series get the chance to battle it out for what they wanted all along, fame and money! Last time these cast members competed it was for the heart of Bret Michaels, New York, or Flavor Flav, but this time its for $250,000 cash!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last night around midnight we noticed Swan was limping so we decided to keep an eye on her. R had to go to bed so he could get up for work. I stay up late anyway so I was watching her. I went to let them outside at around 2 am and she couldn't get up or walk more than a step or two. We had this problem years ago and I couldn't remember if it was eclampsia but if it was, I knew I had to get vet care immediately.

I called the vet at like 5:30 and he said he'd meet us up there at 8:30. By then, she was walking and only walking drunk-like. He said it wasn't eclampsia and it could have been a seizure or small stroke. She got a shot and some medicine and we came home. By the time we got home she was running down the hall. That's Swan for you. LOL

Anyway, all is good now except we're both tired. We took a small nap but I could use another later.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Am I the only one that gets weepy watching So You Think You Can Dance? I can't help it, some of the dances are so beautiful. I once read that people cry at happy things because they wish it were them. I wonder if that's true. Perhaps that's why I want to cry watching cheerleading championships. ROFL Okay, you know that was funny. I was angry that Mark got booted tonight. I know he won't win and I think some others are better anyway but I do think he perfomed better than Twitch last night. I also can't believe the finale is next week. I'll certainly miss my favorite summer show.

The worst pick up line ever

What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard? Well, I’ve never heard this one but I find it hilarious. It’s, “Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform?” Now come on, you know that was hilarious. You all know what Victory Hair is though, right? Well, let’s just say that even with the worst pick up line ever, you could still get the girl. Of course it takes two nice styled heads of hair combining into a force of nature to achieve victory hair but you get my drift.

VO5 has an awesome fun game called Ultimate Flirting Championship. I’ve played it and it’s a blast. You can go to it right from my blog and feel free to paste it on yours as well. It’s serious fun. You get to go in and play with two other people. Whichever gender is the majority plays with the other person. So if you’re the lone guy, you get to ask the other two girls questions chosen from a multiple choice section. Whoever answers the most how you’d like it is the winner. Then you can choose to stay and chat a little. It was a blast when I played since I was that lone girl.
Go ahead, hop on over there and give it a spin, you know you want to.
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