Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bridging Loans

If you live in the UK and are looking for a short-term financial solution, bridging loans are the perfect solution. For example, bridging finance as it's called is great for when you need a loan but do not need something long-term as for a divorce settlement or inheritance tax; it's money for when you need it without the confines of a loan that you have to pay for years and years.

What's great about Bridging Loan Brokers is that they don't have restrictions when it comes to a specific lender or panel of lenders. In fact, they can tailor a loan to meet the guidelines of an individual borrower with competitive rates and every type of circumstance is considered.

Bridging finance is the perfect alternative for all of your immediate needs without the burden of a long-term loan and Bridging Loans Brokers can help you get started and meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Find a New Getaway With a Home Trade

Imagine being able to visit somewhere without having to pay for lodging. What if you could visit almost anywhere and simply show up with your luggage and not have to pay a per-week or per-night charge? If you don't think that is possible then you haven't heard of the phrase, "Home Trade."

Remember vacation time sharing? That's kind of out of style now and not the way to go. With a home exchange you have the ability to stay on a more long-term basis without paying the expenses of a second home. Whether it's a short term swap, a long term swap for a vacation or getaway or even a permanent trade, a home swap is ideal for many people and most definitely allows you to discover a new "home" without having to shell out a fortune on rental costs.

Check out the site and imagine a world where you can find a new vacation spot and enjoy all of the comforts of home without paying a fortune.

Finally got on Tumblr

I know we're late to the game but I finally decided to get onto Tumblr. I mostly post photographs but if anyone wants to follow or connect, you can find me here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mobile Marketing

If you have a business then you know how important it is to get and retain customers. Things change from day to day so it is imperative to stay on top of the competition and one way to do that is with mobile marketing. In fact, with more and more people using their SmartPhone to visit sites instead of a traditional desktop computer, mobile advertising simply makes sense.

With mobile advertising you can reach people you could never reach before and by utilitizing a mobile website that they can access right from their phone, you're doubling your chances of these customers taking more time to see what you have to offer.

You get to engage your customers, build your brand and can even offer incentives like mobile coupons and specials that only your phone customers have access to.

Check it out and see just how important it is to your business plan.

Pin Up Shoot

I know this isn't my photography blog but today we did a pin-up shoot and I'm just so excited to tell you all about it. I don't have the photos on my site yet but you can see them at my Facebook page at 

It was perfect all but the heat - close to 100 degrees. But I am not complaining since we've had torrential downpours all week and were supposed to get rain today too. That worked out swimmingly and we got the car and the model all in one place so I'm thrilled. Go check them out if you'd like.

eBay Sniper

Admit it, you've gotten mad in the past because you were the high bidder on an item then lost it with just a few seconds to go. I know I have and it's quite frustrating. Well, what if you had a secret weapon? Now you can get a better chance of winning that item you want with an eBay sniper that helps you get an edge on the competition.

How it works is that it automatically places a bid just seconds before the end of the auction. You don't have to download software and it has a bidding reliability of almost 100%. Even when your computer is off it supports group bids. What this means is that you can be sleeping while you bid, working while you win an auction and well, the possibilities are endless.

Why not use an auction sniper to get the things you want? Sometimes we get help in making life easier so we should use every chance we get and this is one of them. Check it out and see for yourself how much easier it is to win the things you want on eBay.

Friday, August 16, 2013

FXOpen Broker

If you’re looking for a Forex brokerage service that provides stellar customer support along with a calendar, current news and technical analysis then FXOpen is what you’re looking for. Not only do they have knowledge of successful trading and what to  avoid but they help traders improve so that they can become more successful.

FX OpenBroker was actually started by traders so you’re not getting a service from a company that doesn’t know the inside world of their business. Too often, companies have startups that focus on what they think will be successful, not what they actually have experience in and with FXOpen, that is not the case. Started in 2003 as an educational center of technical analysis, FXOpen has grown to be a formidable brokerage company that has cutting edge knowledge and platforms.

Services available:

1.      ECN on MT4. This is a favorite among many because it’s easy to use and convenient as well. Best of all, you can use a variety of electronic equipment such as PDA’s, smart phones and more.
2.      True ECN Environment. Provided for retail traders in mind, this technology allows you direct access where your orders are on display in the market, seen by others and those others can display their orders as well; once a price match is made the deal is completed.
3.      PAMM Service. Perfect for those that want a true professional to handle their account. It’s not only secure, but transparent and convenient to use.

As a Forex trader you get top-notch service from a company that knows the trading business and what you won’t get is a company that is new to the business or is simply there to take your money. By helping you become successful, everyone wins. Check them out and see the difference.

No News is Good News

All too often I seem to write about companies and I need to write more personal stuff as well. However, no news is good news and to be honest, other than our photography business, nothing has changed. However, we're loving taking photos and working with people. In fact, we just did a deal with a local company that provides weddings and we should be doing more of those shoots here in the near future.

We've done a couple of weddings now, engagements, a few family shoots, a very large event and a maternity shoot and things are only picking up. I wish we'd really started sooner though because the tourist season is ending and I think we missed out on quite a few projects but hey, before you know it it'll be spring and summer again and then watch out. If you want to see any of our work check out Karsun Designs Photography.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wholesale Jewelry

If you love stainless steel jewelry, and many of my friends do, then why not get wholesale jewelry you can afford? Powell has everything you could ever want at wholesale prices such as:

  • pendants
  • jewelry sets
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • necklaces
  • and more
Here's the thing though; the prices are out of this world. I found necklaces for under $2! I kid you not. I found a men's bracelet that goes for around $70 in stores for under $4. You do have to register online but it's totally free. Now there is a minimum to buy but if you run a store or sell online, this is the deal for you!

Check them out and see how you can earn money by reselling stainless steel wholesale jewelry. I may just place an order myself.


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