Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tara and Stuff

I added Tara in the subject because I am totally hooked on The United States of Tara now due to an online friend. He told me he liked it a lot and I had skipped it when it came out but tonight I watched 6 episodes in a row. Luckily they're short (30 mins but 20 something in reality). It's the show Diablo Cody wrote about the woman who has 4 different personalities. It's on Showtime and it's awesome.

I felt awful today. However, we had a KOSA social tonight so I'm glad I went because I started feeling better after dinner. I had a wonderful time chatting with the krewe tonight and then we got coffee and headed back home. I finished up the newsletter just now and sent it to the powers that be. I have a listing to do for someone but it's 3 am so I'm gonna play some games and hit the hay. I'll work on said listings tomorrow.

Oh and watched a really good movie today called The Flock. We got it at Blockbuster when they were closing and it's an exclusive to them. Great movie though - Richard Gere and Claire Danes was in it.

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